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Why the Roof Matters as Much as the Foundation


Our roofs are exposed more to Australia’s harsh climate and environmental conditions. Huge fluctuations in temperature, humidity, wind and rainfall can gradually damage our roofs or make them fail. We also have to think about the debris that might end up or fall down on our roofs (from overhead trees and random stones and other objects).

Why the roof matters as much as the foundation

Our assets’ foundations are exposed as well to environmental elements such as fluctuating moisture levels (which leads to rotting, mould growth and cracking and instability in the above floor and walls). However, the fluctuations might not be extreme or sudden unlike with the roofs above our heads. Day in and day out our roofs endure heat, cold, wind and water. We often don’t notice that because it’s overhead but when we take a look we will see the damage and small signs of endurance.

We can also talk about endurance when it comes to having a solid foundation. After all, ensuring a strong foundation has become a favourite metaphor in education, government, relationships, career and business. With a solid foundation the entire structure is also likely to be strong. But if the foundation’s weak, the structure will sooner or later collapse or encounter frequent problems.

On the other hand, we rarely use the roof as metaphor for our everyday lives. Perhaps one reason is that it rarely causes problems and inconvenience to us. That’s because modern roofing materials (especially coming from reputable manufacturers and suppliers) have been tested against Australia’s harsh environmental conditions. Performance and longevity are guaranteed even when we talk about climate change and huge temperature fluctuations between day and night.

Aside from effectively protecting themselves, roofs also shield us from heat and harmful radiation. For instance, there are now roofing materials that still allow visible light while blocking most of the infrared and UV radiation (contact us for more information). This means under the carports and pergolas it will remain illuminated, cool and safe even when the sun is totally up. Daytime outdoor gatherings can still be comfortable because the roofs above protect us. That then enables us to have a good time while feeling safe and secure (similar to having a solid foundation).