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What to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Material?


Roofs are heavily exposed to the harshest elements all day and all night long. UV rays from sunlight, strong winds, heavy rainfall and extremely fluctuating moisture and temperature levels. Sometimes debris falls onto those roofs and we have to be thankful because the debris doesn’t fall on us or our valuables (home interior, automobile).
What to consider when choosing a roof material
It follows then that the roofing material should be able to endure those harsh elements and last a long time for the investment to be worth it. It’s also important that its original appearance and integrity remain intact even after several years of use and exposure.
As a result, one of the most common materials for roofing is metal. It’s a proven structural material because of the metal’s strength and durability. Although corrosion is always a problem, it can be slowed down through the application of appropriate coating. The coating protects the metal underneath from moisture, oxygen and other elements.
Another common roofing material is polycarbonate (which is getting widespread use in outdoor constructions such as carports and pergolas). It’s known as a strong and tough material found in many architectural and engineering applications. One main reason is that it can be tweaked and fashioned to achieve some useful properties such as transparency, weight and durability. Its manufacture is also easy and cost-effective, which is a huge factor in choosing a material for automotive, aircraft, construction and other applications (we want to achieve the same outcome with lower costs).
Metal roofing is still popular because it’s already trusted and proven. But polycarbonate is fast catching up (or it might be even more popular now) because of the desirable properties (dropping costs are another factor). Also, with several options available an architect, engineer or homeowner can find the one with the desired properties and appearance especially when the project is about building a pergola, carport or any other outdoor construction. It’s about estimating the costs and benefits, and both metal and polycarbonate roofing can be appropriate depending on what you’re aiming for.