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Read This Before Having a Carport


First question is whether you should have a carport or a garage. Once you’re firmly decided for a carport, next things to consider are the Council permissions and if you’re planning to DIY or go for a professional installation.

Before having a carport

After the decision for DIY or professional installation, it’s time to decide for the design (including whether it should be attached or freestanding). When it comes to design, it’s great to think about the final outcome such as how it will look like with the rest of your home exterior. With a new carport installed the house exterior will totally look and feel different. Perhaps this is one reason why many homeowners think several times before having a carport installed.

Earlier we mentioned about whether the carport should be attached or freestanding. As the name suggests, attached carports are joined to homes using a bracket or fascia system. This is a space-saver and might even help you save on materials and installation costs. On the other hand, freestanding carports are also good because of the freedom and flexibility. You can place them anywhere as long as you have enough exterior space. However, the carport should be well-supported and in line with the current building codes.

When it comes to building codes and Council regulations, the carport builder can provide you with some advice and assistance. It’s important to verify if you won’t be violating any local code or regulation. Although the rules are far from strict, it’s always best to verify to avoid fines and inconveniences later.

Aside from the regulations and design, we also have to think about the materials including the roofs and supporting structures. It’s especially the case with the roofing because it’s what mostly protects the automobile from sunlight, rain and other elements. Metallic and polycarbonate roofs are popular choices because of their longevity and durability (they’re already tested and proven against the harsh Australian climate).

Here at KBMS we have durable and long-lasting roofing materials perfect for carports. These materials have modern features such as excellent thermal insulation and that they come with a variety of designs. Browse here for more information.