Longspan / Spandek

Profiled Metal Roofing

  • Weight: 4.73kg / sqm
  • Width: 765mm (Coverage: 700mm)

Colorbond colour range


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Longspan®/ Spandek Roof and Wall Cladding gives excellent durability in almost all locations. However, it is important to choose the correct coating for each application environment. Durability recommendations do vary based on the application of the product in roofing or walling installations. A modern, simple square-corrugated roofing and walling cladding that is strong, impact resistant and economical – ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

  • Cost-effective to use and easy to install
  • Architectural flexibility accommodates curved roofs and roof pitches as low as 3 degrees
  • Variable fixing screw patterns give design flexibility
  • Suitable for wall cladding
  • Highly serviceable roofing and walling cladding
  • Bold ribs offer high strength and high water carrying capacity
  • Minimum roof slope: 1.5°
  • Made in Australia
  • Best for pergola, carport and roofing