Single/Double Carport

  • Sheets Colour: Grey
  • Frame Colours: Primrose, White, Grey, Black




Our single carports and double carports offer excellent durability in all but the harshest conditions. Our aluminium carports products offer excellent protection from rain and sunshine. Single carports are made with a skillion roof, and our double carports offer support structures on both sides of the roof.

Both our single carports and double carports are made with a ten-year warranty, clean easily with water or rain and are either powder-coated or undergo electrophoresis surface treatment for sustainability and a long life. We have a range of designs available for purchase so get in touch today and we’ll do the rest.

  • 10 years warranty
  • Easy cleaning with water or rain
  • Powder-coated/electrophoresis frame surface treatment
  • Dimensions: 5500x5800x2300mm (Double), 5500x3000x3000 mm (Single)
  • Wind Load: 100km/h