Roofing Ventilation


  • Economically priced – easy to install
  • Unique variable pitch base – For roofs angles up to 22.5o
  • Maintenance free, with no running costs
  • High performance aluminium construction

Colorbond colour range


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Ventilation for your home or workplace is beneficial in both summer and winter. Summer heat traps hot air in the roofline and can create a stuffy and uncomfortable environment inside where an effective ventilation system will spin the heat out. Likewise in winter, when heating is on inside and air is cold outside, dampness tends to collect in the roofline which can cause moisture and mould if not removed.

Galaxy Rooflite are proud to supply a superb range of vents from the basic no frills brand through to straight vane heavy commercial vents. Whether you need a 300mm domestic or 900mm Straight Vane we have it covered. Our name is our badge of quality Galaxy Rooflite has been operating for over 30yrs. Our vents can be adapted to cater for dampers both electric and manual. We can custom make bases to suit the project if required or you can take an off the shelf version all ready to go.