H-Bars/Side Bars/End Caps

H bars, Side bars, End caps for Polycarbonate Sheets


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Join and Cover edges of Polycarbonate sheets. Enables ease of sheet replacement.

The H-Bar/Side Bar/End Cap system makes handling and installation easy and flexible. The Polycarbonate sheets simply slot into the H-Bar ready for fixing to the structure. The glazing bar system allows for thermal expansion and eliminates the need for penetrations through the sheet, making the structure watertight.

Installation for 2pcs H-Bar:


  • Standard Colours: Black, Primrose, White, Grey
  • Rubber gaskets included
  • Maximum Length: 8m
  • Main Materials: Aluminum (except clear end caps)


H-Bar, Side Bar, End Cap for SolaGlaze Roofing
H-Bar/ End Cap (2pcs)  

1pc H-Bar, Side Bar, End Cap for SolaLite Roofing
Side Bar
End Cap  

2pcs H-Bar, Side Bar, End Cap for SolaLite Roofing
H-Bar/End Cap (2pcs)
Clear End Cap