Cobra® Cutting and Grinding

Dimensions (mm):

  • 115mm
  • 125mm
  • 178mm
  • 230mm


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KGS Swiflex Cobra Discs are elctroplated diamond discs that are suitable for shaping and cutting of marble, granite, composites, fiberglass and glass. Cobra Discs are most commonly used as a 115mm single sided disc with an M14 Flange for easy attachment. Also available to order is a range of larger Cobra discs in 125mm, 178mm and 230mm. These are availble in M14 or hole size 22.2mm. Please contact the KGS Sydney office to discuss your particular requirement. The Cobra Disc is used Dry at a maximum speed of 80m/s.

  • Very quick cutting and grinding in one step, without changing the disc
  • Very fine cut with a smooth, high-quality finish