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Showing 1–9 of 17 results

You can find here quality tools and accessories necessary to complete the roofing of your patio, pergola, carport, covered BBQ area, awning, swimming pool enclosure and other outdoor construction projects.

Whether you need an insulation blanket (with 55 to 100mm thickness), roof safety mesh (long-term protection even after roof construction), silicone sealant (for roofing, guttering and weatherproofing), touch-up paint (hide chips and scratches), plastic cap for beam or post, plastic tubing for skirt, KGS Swiflex® TX (extremely aggressive polishing), HybridTM Diamond Tools Wet + Dry (fast cutting speed and high stock removal rate), Hybrid® T Diamond Flap Discs Dry Grinding and Polishing (for engineered stone, granite, marble, ceramics and concrete), aluminium foil tape, twinwall roofing tape and more, we have it all here and you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

We only source from the most reputable manufacturers so you can be sure of quality as well as the integrity of the resulting outdoor structure. DIYers and contractors also achieve excellent results and save on working time because of our supplies. And aside from quality products, we also provide practical advice on which tool or accessory is best for your application. This way you can save money both upfront and in the long term (ensure the outdoor construction will stand the test of time and endure harsh environmental conditions).

Architects, engineers, tradies and DIYers regularly check our items whenever they’re building a carport, awning or patio. Here they always find what they’re looking for and they gain peace of mind about our products’ quality.