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Pergola Cost To Benefit Ratio Is Favourable


It might be a passion project you are working on, perhaps you are looking to sell your house; in any case, the pergola cost to benefit ratio is favourable for home owners. The return on investment of a pergola is well documented. There are also a few tips and tricks you can perform before installing a pergola to maximise its value. By performing some due diligence before buying and after installation you ensure your pergola enjoys a long life and contributes significant financial value to your property. 

Pergola Installation Requirements

Pergolas are easy to add to a home, even if there is limited space available. A pergola can be installed in the front yard or around the side of a house. Installation only requires a few square metres of space.  Pergolas are either attached to the house or stand as freestanding structures. A pergola usually has an open roof. When used as a garage solution, pergolas offer some protection from the weather to your vehicle. Indeed, every pergola supplied and installed by KBMS is built to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. They have an average product life of twenty to thirty years. Our pergolas are made from timber or bluescope steel. 

Pergola Costs and Benefits

The cost of a pergola varies depending on the materials used in its construction. KBMS stocks pergolas that range in value from approximately $1,440 to $32,949. Now, this may seem like a large investment, however, consider that pergolas do add value to your home and can be used to increase the asking price. You may also receive more interest from potential buyers who need a carport. The more interest you have in your property, the easier it is to set a higher asking price when it is time to sell. 

Maximising Your Return on Investment

A pergola can deliver 50-80% ROI. There are a few strategies you can take advantage of to maximise the value of your new pergola carport. Do your best to ensure that the design of your pergola carport matches the aesthetic of your house. If the two complement each other visually then it can create a great first impression when people see your house for the first time. Colours and materials used in construction should match the natural environment surrounding the new structure. An open-roof pergola can be enhanced by growing vines in between the roof rafters. Vines add a lot of character to your pergola and may increase its value.

Sustaining Your Pergola Carport

Assuming you perform the necessary due diligence prior to purchasing a pergola carport, the pergola cost to benefit ratio is favourable. Start by ensuring your builder is licensed and that they are using high quality materials. Australian-made products, particularly Australian steel are the best choice in this regard. Set a budget that is affordable but high enough to afford safe products with a long lifespan. Finally, to ensure the pergola continues to add value to your house, paint it frequently if it is made from timber. If it is made from fibreglass, replace panels every ten to fifteen years.

Contact KBMS For Australian Made Pergola Carports

KBMS supplies Australian made timber and colourbond steel pergola carports all across Sydney. If you are looking to build a pergola carport, please contact our friendly sales team today on 02 9750 7128 or visit our online store. We are open for business Monday to Saturday 7:30am to 4:00pm. We are able to answer any questions you have about our selection of pergola carports when you call. We look forward to speaking to you soon.