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Is Polycarbonate Really Good for Roofing?


As a property owner, developer or asset manager, you always pay attention to every detail especially if an installation or the changes will be permanent. It’s the case in carports, patios, pergolas and other outdoor constructions. You pay attention to the overall design and layout as well as all the important details including the materials to be used.

Is polycarbonate really good for roofing?

One of those important details is what type of roofing material will be used for the carport, patio or any other outdoor structure. After all, the roofing will significantly affect the property’s visual aesthetics as well as the safety levels in the area.

As a result, the roofing material should be strong enough to withstand rain and some random objects and debris that will fall on it. In addition, the roofing material should last long enough for a high return on investment. It has to withstand the harsh environmental elements especially the sun’s UV rays. Further, the roof’s integrity and aesthetics should be maintained through the years to reduce costs on repairs or delay their replacement as long as possible.

To achieve all that, architects and contractors often choose metal or polycarbonate roofing. Many of the property owners and asset managers are also familiar with those materials. Metal roofs have been proven to be strong and last for years. On the other hand, in recent times polycarbonate has been rapidly gaining popularity.

Polycarbonates actually find several applications because they can be easily moulded and worked on. In addition, aside from being a strong and tough material, they are also optically transparent. This means they allow sunlight to pass through, which provides natural illumination through the outdoor structure. While allowing the light to pass through, most of the UV rays will be blocked.

Polycarbonate roofing can be a great feature of the home, residential building or commercial property. Also, it can maintain the brightness of the area by allowing natural illumination. One concern and potential drawback though is about privacy and security. Other people can see through the polycarbonate roofing and easily view the activities and objects in the area. As a result, metal roofing (which provides complete covering and privacy) has become a choice to address that concern.

There will always be advantages and drawbacks when it comes to choosing which material to use and up to how the entire area will look and feel like. It’s then important to know the features of the materials as well as weigh the different options available.

Here you can quickly view your options and get a quick idea of how the final result will look like. This way, it will be easier to compare the choices and get to know better the possibilities for your outdoor construction.