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Is Polycarbonate or Glass Better for a Greenhouse?


Although glass is the traditional material for greenhouse facilities, polycarbonate roofing is fast gaining popularity because of its advantages when it comes to strength, durability, longevity and versatility. In addition, it requires low maintenance and easy cleaning which help keep the greenhouse clear and aesthetically pleasing.

Is polycarbonate or glass better for a greenhouse?

Greenhouse facilities allow for higher productivity and stable yields in farming yields. It’s possible because the greenhouse protects the plants from excessive heat and cold as well as unwanted pests. The “weather” inside the greenhouse is regulated which allows for relatively predictable amounts of harvests throughout the year. This better control over the planting and harvests helps maximise the income from agricultural activities.

But to achieve that, the greenhouse roofs should do an excellent job of protecting the plants from harsh environmental elements such as harsh UV rays, excessive heat and strong winds. Glass has been an excellent material for this but polycarbonate material can do a much greater job especially if we’re talking about resistance to strong winds and impact. This modern material won’t shatter (in contrast to glass) even when hit with rocks and hailstones. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the repairs and replacement of the polycarbonate panels anytime soon.

Polycarbonate also offers a high level of flexibility and ease when it comes to installation. Modular options are available and the installation itself is quick and easy (you can easily do a DIY job for this). In contrast, glass requires delicate handling and the installation will take much time and effort. Also, the framing should be strong (commonly steel) to handle the glass. On the other hand, for polycarbonate the framing requirement is not that strict.

In summary, polycarbonate offers both upfront and long-term advantages in building and maintaining a greenhouse. This material is readily available which is why it’s becoming more and more common for greenhouse facilities and other outdoor constructions. You can quickly find such polycarbonate panels and transparent materials here and explore their main features and advantages.