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Is a Carport Better Than a Garage?


Perhaps you have a client asking for advice or you have a DIY project but still not sure whether to build a carport or a garage. Either way, you want to give a practical advice or make a decision that will add value to the home while getting the most benefit from the resulting structure.

When it comes to benefits, both garages and carports provide protection to the vehicle. However, carports offer incomplete protection because there might be two, three or four sides left open and unprotected. In contrast, garages offer complete protection and they’re also good for storage (or for doing your small DIY projects).

Although a garage provides more security and protection, it can radically change how your home exterior and landscape look. You have to consider the resulting aesthetics and how it can even become a distraction to the overall appeal of your home. Whether you have a small or large front yard, it’s important that you consider the visual impact of having a garage.

On the other hand, a carport will have less visual impact (and you can save money too). This also offers some flexibility because it can either be a standalone structure or something that’s attached to your home. It’s also crucial to think about the aesthetic impact here because the roofing will also take much space the same as with the garage. What about protection and regulations? Depending on the cost and size, you may need a council permit and a building permit.

Whether you choose a carport or a garage, it’s important to make sure the materials are of top quality and they can endure the harsh Australian environmental conditions including heat, high humidity, dust and flying debris. For example, many DIYers and licensed builders choose our roofing materials here at KBMS. Whether it’s polycarbonate or metal roofing, we have excellent products here coming from the most reputable manufacturers. If you want a few ideas on carports, you can quickly browse here.