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How Pergolas Add Value to Homes


Homebuyers, investors and families recognise the trend in outdoor living. After all, staying outdoors can make us healthier and happier. Special and ordinary gatherings done outdoors can add to our happiness because it feels more natural (fresh air, better connected to nature). Also, getting some of the outdoor fresh air and sunlight can help boost our immune system and natural defences against viral infections.

How pergolas add value to homes

A pergola can instantly add a fresh look to your home. It’s also a great way of utilising the idle space in your yard. If done right, it can truly enhance the value and aesthetic appeal of your entire property.

To make sure the outdoor structure will indeed add value to your home, the overall design should be chosen carefully. After all, the pergola should go well with the design of your home and the overall look and layout of your garden. The pergola’s colours and materials should blend with its immediate environment. It’s also great to be careful when choosing a roofing material. Because it’s an outdoor structure, its entire construction should be robust and able to withstand storms and the everyday harsh sunlight. For this, excellent roofing materials are Colorbond (with excellent durability in almost all locations) and polycarbonate (lightweight and can withstand extreme temperatures). Here at KBMS we have pergola kits and we can help install it for you (you can browse here to view your options).

When it comes to design, your chosen shape matters a lot. Rectangular shapes are common because they follow the line and layout of the main house (especially if the pergola will be attached to the home). If it’s freestanding, other shapes such as square, hexagonal and circle can be great to look at.

A new pergola will provide comfort and several possibilities about what you can do in your yard. Aside from being a place for gatherings, it can also be your temporary retreat when you want to have some fresh air outside. Indeed, it’s a simple addition to your home and garden that will provide a high return on investment through the years.