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How Much Does It Cost to Put in a New Patio?


The total costs of building a new patio depend on its size and the material you’re going to use. Patios require a solid floor and a cover for them to be attractive and functional. It can be a worthwhile investment especially if you want to make use of that idle outdoor space or just create a space for you to sit and get some fresh air whenever you need to relax.

How much does it cost to put in a new patio?

Aside from the floor and roof cover, you might also need to add some lighting, plants and furniture. Also, it’s becoming a trend to add a cook area or an entire outdoor kitchen to the patio. This way, the area will be truly functional and delightful (and not just some space that’s always empty because there’s nothing to do).

As you think about and plan your patio, most likely you’ll come up with several ideas to make the space personalised, beautiful and functional. You might want to put some decorative lighting and a complete set of equipment just like your indoor kitchen (including a sink and a tap). In this kind of patio, you’ll need to hire a plumber and electrician to complete the project. This will add to the upfront cost and will make the completion take much longer.

Perhaps for now your best option is to put a floor and cover first. You can also add a few chairs and small table to that patio. The other features such as lighting and cook area can be added later. This way you’ll immediately see some tangible results when it comes to your outdoor space. You might also want to start with a small patio with just a table and few chairs and then expand the site later on as you see fit. Getting started is quick and easy this way instead of thinking of all the possible additions for the area.

Whether you’re starting with a small patio with basic features or a large patio complete with your desired additions, it’s crucial to have high-quality roofing and structural products to ensure the project’s integrity and longevity. Here at KBMS, we’ve been a roofing specialist for more than 20 years. The roofs we supply are already found in many residential and commercial outdoor constructions in Australia. To browse our selection and get inspired, you can start by visiting our Products page.