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Are Skylights a Good Idea?


Skylights allow for more natural illumination and ventilation in dwellings. Also, skylights now have attractive features about noise reduction and blocking the heat and UV rays from the sun. As a result, more and more Australian homes are having these to better cool the interiors and better protect their assets and furnishings.

Are skylights a good idea?

They might also help increase the home’s perceived value (the appeal and financial value still heavily depends on the market and the buyer’s perceptions and requirements). A skylight can make a space look totally different because of how natural light flows in through the home interior. It also connects people more to the outdoors, which can be healthy and good for our mood (similar to how modern workplaces now have huge glass walls and windows so workers can still see and feel the outdoors).

It can also be about making the space feel less confined. More than 33 per cent of our time is still spent indoors because of bedtime, evenings and weekends. It can feel a bit suffocating even if the windows are wide open. Once in a while or we want it more often to see and connect with the skies. Perhaps this is one reason we want to go to the beach or park where there’s a lot of open space and there’s nothing to block the sky from us.

To make the most out of skylights, these should naturally integrate with the home’s interior and exterior design. Architects may design the house totally different if skylights are included in the plans. Or, there could be some modifications so that the skylights will better complement the existing home design.

Fortunately, now there are various sizes available which can be perfect for the available space above. And as mentioned earlier, there are modern features such as noise reduction and effective blocking of heat and ultraviolet rays. In addition, skylights coming from reputable suppliers are built to withstand winds and rainfall (as well as stand the test of time and maintain its appearance). Here you can find such products that will be perfect for your home or project. These will help increase the natural illumination and ventilation in the area as well as provide a high return on investment in the long run.