Colorbond® Downpipe


Colorbond® Steel Downpipes

Genuine Colorbond®  steel downpipes are high quality products made to withstand Australia's harsh weather conditions whilst providing design compatibility.   

Stock Sizes Available:

Size: 100 × 50mm
Lengths: 1.8m and  2.4m 
Please contact us to find out available colours.

Size: 100mm x 75mm
Lengths: 1.8m and 2.4m 
Please contact us to find out available colours. 

PVC Downpipes

PVC round downpipes are made from durable PVC - easy to manage and install. 

Diameters Available: Ø50, Ø65, Ø90 
Length: 6.0m - prices are per 6.0 metre length

Available Size: 100X50, 100X75, 50, 65, 90mm



100 x 50mm / 75mm Nozzle      100 x 50mm / 75mm Astragal    100 x 50mm / 75mm Offset    


    50,65,90 Nozzle             50, 65, 90 Elbow (90 degree)          50, 65, 90 Elbow (45 degree)


    50, 65, 90 T Adapter              50, 65, 90 Y Adapter


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