Colorbond® Gutter

Stramit® Gutters

Stramit® Gutters and Rainwater Products

  • High tensile fascia and gutters

  • Both Colorbond steel and Zinc Aluminium finishes available

Extensive range of matching accessories

We order directly from the manufacturer to your requirements. Scroll down to see the list of most popular gutter types supplied by us.

Stramit® Hi Front Quad Gutter

  • Popular style with good drainage capacity
  • Comes slotted or unslotted
  • High front conceals the roof line

        Cross Sectional Areas:
        Slotted: 5200mm²
Unslotted: 5300mm²

Stramit® Low Front Quad Gutter

  • Traditional gutter design
  • Easy to install
  • Comes slotted or unslotted

Stramit® 150 Half Round Gutter

        Cross Sectional Areas:
        Slotted: 7700mm²
        Unslotted: 7700mm²4

Stramit® M Pattern Gutter
Larger drainage capacity making it highly suited for larger homes and commercial applications

        Cross Sectional Areas:
        Slotted: 7900mm²
        Unslotted: 9100mm²

Stramit® S Pattern Gutter
Designed for shallow metal roofed applications without fascia

        Cross Sectional Areas:
        Slotted: 7900mm²
        Unslotted: 9100mm²


Gutter internal Bracket (Zinc)  

 Gutter external Bracket (Colored)

   90 degree Gutter Corner angle Bracket

45 degree Gutter Corner angle Bracket

  Gutter Stop Ends


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