Guangdong 2017 annual awards 246 enterprise innovation main body status further highlighted


Scientific research results need long time to study and improve in application. The author learned from the 26 provincial conference on science, technology and innovation, 2017 awards of industry innovation projects, most of the five to eight years of technological research, and basic research projects need more than 10 years of research.
Director of the provincial science and technology department, director of the science and technology awards review board Wangruijun introduced, 2017 provincial science and technology awards in total 246(people), two outstanding contribution awards, 1 special award, 30 first prize. The award-winning project fully reflects the new achievements in science and technology innovation in our province. In 2017, 54.5 per cent of the awards were carried out by enterprises.
93 % of technology contract turnover
In recent years, the provincial governments and provincial governments have further promoted the status of innovation as the main body of enterprises by fostering high-tech enterprises, building research and development institutions and improving the incubation and development system of scientific and technological enterprises. Awards in 2017



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